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  • Elana Moline

Playing Predictions

We make predictions Every. Single. Day. Think about it. Predictions can be as mundane as how much traffic you'll face on your way to work or as exciting as a group chat with your friends discussing if Zach will end up engaged on his season of The Bachelor. We are natural fortune tellers, predicting the weather, stock market fluctuations, and even our favorite sports teams’ trajectories. Our nature is to predict the future based off our acquired knowledge and experiences. So what if we could gamify predictions, turning them into a fun and engaging experience? Versus has built an ecosystem where the gamified format of predictions thrives, enabling even the most niche communities and interests to engage in a great deal of fun and get rewarded!

Introducing; Prediction Questions: A game type for the Fantasy League Winners, Netflix Binge-Watchers, Music Artist Fanatics, Political Activists, Pop Culture Queens (or Kings) and all the Know-It-Alls! There is a prediction game for every expert and every topic of interest.

Let's read that again, then put it to the test: There is a prediction game for EVERY expert and EVERY topic of interest.

Warren is an avid stock market and crypto trader, and while he says it's just a hobby, he thoroughly enjoys researching the trends and buying Call & Put Options. What kinds of predictions exist for Warren?

Will Ethereum be above $1800 on Tuesday?

Will Apple have a higher stock price than Microsoft by Friday?

That might seem like a simple example, but how about this:

Olivia is a plant enthusiast. She asks her coworkers daily which plants she should buy and loves @theplantprodigy on TikTok. What kinds of predictions exist for Olivia?

Will my Golden Pathos plant produce more than six new leaves this month?

Will the my Aloe plant be 2ft tall by next Saturday?

But it doesn't stop there; take a look at some of our most popular prediction-based categories:

  • Social Media

  • Politics

  • News

  • Movies & TV

  • Crypto

  • Lifestyle

  • Awards Shows

  • Gaming

  • Comedy

  • Finance

  • Creative

  • Many More!

Gamifying "day-to-day" predictions across various verticals make them more exciting and engaging, plus it creates a sense of community and competition. It's a game for the ultimate expert or what we like to describe as the "Know-It-All."

We all "know" a Know-It-All (or maybe you are the Know-It-All): they are the Fantasy Football loudmouths, the Trivia Night brainiacs, or the one person who ALWAYS has something to say in the group chat. A Know-It-All likes to be right or, at least, “behave as if they know everything.”

We at Versus believe each individual has a shared trait with the Know-It-All: the satisfaction in proving to yourself and others that you ARE right.

Predictions are often educated guesses on topics individuals feel most confident about. This could include someone’s work industry, hobbies, interests, places they frequent, and so much more. We learn from our past experiences and collect knowledge, which increases the likelihood of accurate predictions. Familiarity contributes to a success more often than not and with a successful prediction comes the justifiable feeling of proving ourselves right and the holy grail phrase “I told you so.”

We invite every Know-It-All to the game of prediction and encourage you to challenge yourself (and your friends) to strengthen your community and competitive spirit. We believe everyone is an expert in something so why not test your knowledge and win big! So the next time you're starting a new book, following a new social media creator or even learning about new political policies and catch yourself making a prediction, remember that Versus has a community for you!

Play Versus right now on Shadow & Act, PodcastOne, Royal Observer, OK Magazine, RadarOnline and more!

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