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  • Elana Moline

Rare vs Rhode

Team Selena.. Or Team Hailey? If you’re on TikTok, Twitter, heck even Facebook, you’ve likely seen countless videos and articles deep diving into the d-r-a-m-a and telling you WHY you should pick one side vs. the other. Every piece of information, whether it be about Kylie’s IG post allegedly taking a hit toward Selena’s eyebrows, evidence of Hailey being a “Jelena” fangirl, or sources sharing that Justin and Hailey are happily in love (despite the allegations), strengthens your opinion and gives you information that helps you pick your side.

Now, on VersusGame, we aren’t constantly bringing you extensive context to every game, we are instead giving you thought-provoking questions or polls that should encourage you to use context clues and do research that ultimately increases your chances of being correct.

Where do you begin? Well, that’s simple; the Game Details on each game provides a website relevant to the game, and where the end result can be confirmed (meaning this is your best resource for a chance to be right). Make sure to check these out as you make your decision and do your own research.

You come across a social media game that says “Will Hailey Bieber gain 1 million followers on Instagram in the next two weeks? Yes or No?”

Let’s become detectives together!

  1. You know about the Selena and Hailey controversy (and if you didn’t before, now you do from the above), so your first question to yourself should be, “How is this feud affecting Hailey on Social Media?”.

  2. First, let’s check out Hailey’s IG (this was probably in your Game Details section as it’s the game’s source of truth)- we can take a look at her content, see how many “likes” her posts are getting, and maybe take a peek at the comment sections.

  3. Next, let’s visit Google or your go-to search engine and ask what her social following has looked like during this time period. Psst.. we’ve done the work for you this time and can tell you she has lost nearly a million followers!

  4. So…do we really have to tell you the educated choice to the original question? (our best guess based off of the research is that Hailey would not be in the position to gain 1 million followers in the next two weeks).

You must always account for something on the opposing side, meaning based off of all of this evidence you would likely say no.. BUT what if she came to her own defense in a TikTok video with evidence that Selena has actually bullied her or if Justin posted his devotion to his wife and overwhelming support?

Okay, so now YOU try with this burning opinion question, “Are you Team Hailey or Team Selena?”.

We’ll give you some places to explore before making a final decision:

  1. TikTok Search: “Hailey vs. Selena”

  2. Google: “Whose team should I be on in the Hailey vs. Selena drama?”

  3. Searching through all content and socials from their friends, family, and affiliates.

The goal is to gather as much evidence as possible, form an opinion then also decide what you think the MASSES would say.

Now, think about it, if there was a question like, “Which artist will rank higher on the Artist 100 list on Billboard this week? Selena or Justin?” or “ Do you like the Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment or Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Dewy Liquid Blush more?”, which goes beyond social media and even the feud between Hailey and Selena.

We’ve included questions to ask and explore before selecting an opinion:

“Which artist will rank higher on the Artist 100 list on Billboard this week? Selena or Justin?”

  1. Has either artist released new music recently?

  2. Where were the two artists on this chart last week?

  1. How often do these products sell out?

  2. How have these brands' sales done in the previous year?

  3. Which product do YOU actually like the most?

The more context the BETTER because then you’ll be more confident in your answer and have a higher likelihood of getting it correct. You may have scratched the surface of all of the Hailey and Selena news, but there’s still more to discover so use your knowledge and detective skills on the games you play and remember that doing a little research can take you a long way!

P.S. If you want to know the Versus Girls’ true opinion on the drama.. Selena Gomez is an OG and we LIVE for her, but we do love a good Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment.. you didn’t think we’d actually pick one side over the other did you?


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