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  • Elana Moline

The Answer is...

We’re here to tell you that playing games is the answer! Your passionate opinions and expert predictions have value. Who else other than Versus has brought you thrilling prediction questions and highly debated opinion polls all in one epic gamified experience?!

A prediction:

Will the Bengals or the Chiefs win the game this weekend?

Will Adele triumph over Beyoncé and win Record of the Year at the Grammys?

This vs. That:

Which team do you like better; the Bengals or the Chiefs? (Most Votes Wins)

Which album has more hits Adele’s “30” or Beyoncé's “Renaissance”? (Most Votes Wins)

These formats seamlessly exist across various genres like Music, News, Sports, Lifestyle, and more, all within the Versus MiniGames Network. We unified gamified content with entertainment and rewards in the environment called “MiniGames.” Rather than consume passive content, our ecosystem presents an exciting, innovative way to capitalize on the knowledge and opinions that we, as individuals, already possess.

We know how you spend your weekday afternoons: You’re scrolling through the latest news on your favorite gossip site then BAM, you’re brutally interrupted by a boring ad photo.. Don’t you hate that?! If you HAD to be interrupted wouldn't you at least want to be interrupted by something that’s interesting to you?

Okay, we get it, you wouldn’t want to be interrupted at all but stay with us; This time, you’re whipping through an article about Selena Gomez and her rumored new boyfriend Drew Taggart (one half of the Chainsmokers haha), then you’re (not so brutally) interrupted with the opportunity to play a game based on your opinion of this week’s most controversial news. It says, “Will Selena Gomez and Drew Taggart confirm their relationship on the Grammys red carpet?”, then “Which show is better, Only Murders in the Building or White Lotus? Most votes wins!”.. MUCH better than a boring (not to mention ugly) static photo, right?!

Lucky for you, our Partners host an innovative content experience of personalized games just for you in the natural environment you are used to…their websites and apps! OKMagazine and RadarOnline, for instance, have curated games that feature Celebrity News, which is perfect for the Lifestyle Girlies, Pop Culture Kings and so many more in the community surrounding them. So, the next time you're perusing your favorite website and come across a Versus MiniGame, jump in and play fast! If you win you’ll not only earn rewards but you will also get cherished unequivocal bragging rights in your BFF group chat.

If you don’t find yourself scrolling through pop-culture news on the regular, don't think we forgot about you! We have awesome MiniGames partners across several verticals and communities: there’s PodcastOne for avid podcast listeners, Blavity for entertainment media, the Royal Observer for all-things Royal Family aka “The Institution”, and USA Today for news and current events.

As day-to-day consumers, we DESERVE interactive, playful content that stays relevant. We wouldn’t want to be flooded with annoying ads about the nearby petting Zoo while reading about Cristiano Ronaldo’s career highlights, it just wouldn’t make any sense. We know you want to view and more so interact with things that are additive to your lifestyles so we truly believe we created the most rewarding gamified content experience for you!

We love all you Know-It-Alls and aim to enhance your daily content consumption experiences in a way that rewards you but also builds a meaningful community of like minded players. Our list of amazing partners who host MiniGames on their websites and apps is constantly growing so make sure to check back to see the latest communities engaging with all things Versus!


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