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  • Elana Moline

The Follow Matters

You’re scrolling through TikTok for the 100th time today (you should get back to work or school or household chores, or whatever it is you should be doing, but that’s beside the point)… You scroll through a viral video with @hicorook singing “The Fish Song”, @chris.stocks asking college students how much money they have in their bank accounts, and @melrobbins speaking on the power of social media. You throw out a “Like” here and there and share a few videos with your TikTok besties group chat between chuckles and “Aha” moments... And maybe, just maybe, you bless a content creator with a “Follow”.

Have you ever thought about what a Content Creator must do, or how a TikTok video must

impact you in order to hit that “Follow” button? Maybe you learned something new.. or laughed or cried harder than you could have ever anticipated.. or maybe you simply found the Creator’s content relatable.

Whether you want to hate on it or not, Content Creators have a job to entertain. Trust us, we know the jealousy can be excruciating.. like you’re sitting at your 9-5, and Alix Earle got paid WHAT to post WHAT?! But it’s true, that the entertainment industry and the chokehold that viral social media trends have over us as consumers, propels brand marketing and empowers your day-to-day preferences.

Nonetheless, Creators have to earn your loyalty- you don’t hit “Follow” for every creator you see, right? Imagine a world where we as social media enthusiasts got to be a part of that Creator’s journey to fame and step inside the strategy of a “Creative”. Well, good news for all of us, the new show “Follow Me” allows just that, putting Content Creators to the test with social media battles, ultimately crowning the next BIG Influencer (along with giving out a $50,000 prize!)

Tune in on Film Rise and you’ll notice some familiar faces like YouTube prodigy, Bethany Mota hosting, sponsored competitions by brands like Skittles, M&Ms, Orbit (aka all the yummy stuff!), Six Flags, Bob’s Discount Furniture, Dave & Buster's, and well.. yours truly, VersusGame!

At VersusGame we love to power all things predictions and opinions, right? So, not only can you root for your new favorite Influencer (make sure they earn it!), but you can use your social media expertise to get in on the action and decide the outcome of the show through playing Versus Games! Not to mention, you can earn some rewards while you’re at. What’s better than gamifying a Reality TV show?! Well, maybe a 2-week getaway to an Italian Villa but until that’s on the table, let’s go with this haha... start watching “Follow Me” now and get ready to have a blast!

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