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  • Elana Moline

This or That

"This or That" games are a type of activity that involves choosing between two options, often with the goal of finding out more about a person's preferences, personality, or values. You may have participated in this game at a social gathering, team ice-breaker or even at lunch with your best friend when a topical subject you disagree on is brought up.

There are many variations of the "This or That" game, but one common format is to present a divisive question and provide two answer options that would seem to balance each other out. The player must then choose one answer that they personally align with. For example, "This or That: Which morning beverage gives the best boost? Coffee or Tea" The player must then make a declaration of whether they prefer coffee or tea, and the game may continue with more questions like "This or That: Which tropical vacation spot is more relaxing? Hawaii or Bahamas" or "This or That: Netflix has some strong original programming but Hulu has been stepping up their game with HBOMax additions, which platform has a better catalog? Netflix or HBOMax."

In addition to being a fun activity, this format has the power to build community. By answering questions in this style, players can reveal their preferences and values, which can lead to deeper conversations and a better understanding of one another. This fosters connection and builds relationships. As people learn more about each other and become more open to share their thoughts and opinions, and a meaningful sense of community is created. It is important to keep in mind that everyone has different viewpoints but rarely does a game have potential to open the doors of communication with a lighthearted yet engaging knock.

So at this point you must be thinking why are they so infatuated with this game format, is this the company’s favorite ice-breaker? Well, yes but not just our favorite ice-breaker, we have built an entire ecosystem of gamified content using this format. VersusGame has reimagined audience engagement and monetization for our partners. Our product is simple, short videos from verified hosts that pose a “This or That” styled question about a multitude of diverse verticals and two buttons that represent a different answer option each. Players, like you reading this (yes you!), place your vote on these games by using Tickets. Not only do you get to have some fun voting and the exciting anticipation to see if your choice won (most votes win), but you earn some pretty neat rewards along the way.

We plan on diving into monetization, niche game genres, predictions, power of community and so much more!

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