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  • Elana Moline

We’ll Take Questions at the End

Have you ever wondered what makes the perfect game to play on Versus?

Let us paint you a picture…now sit back, relax and imagine it’s the big week leading up to the Super Bowl…

(Insert coach’s loud whistle here ha!) Calling all football fans! Will the Dallas Cowboys score over 100 points in Super Bowl LVII this Saturday?

(pause for dramatic effect)

If you’re really a football fan you’re probably irritated right about now and questioning if we even know what we’re talking about here at Versus.

Why? Well, because it’s a DUMB, uneducated question. (We’ll get to the point, don’t worry)

Truthfully, we know the following:

  • The Dallas Cowboys AREN’T EVEN PLAYING in the Super Bowl this year

  • No NFL team has EVER scored 100 points in a game

  • The Super Bowl is SUNDAY

So, I think we’d agree that the better question is “Will the Kansas City Chiefs score over 29 points in the Super Bowl this Sunday?

We know the following:

  • The Kansas City Chiefs are playing in the Super Bowl

  • The Kansas City Chiefs' average points per game in 2022 was 29.2

  • We got the right day this time ;)

We promised we’d get to the point and here we are (you’ve made it, hooray!)

Versus games are meant to challenge and test your knowledge, hence our slogan “knowledge should be rewarded.” We pride ourselves on a gamified content environment that serves up thought-provoking and topical games that appeal to your expertise and fuel your passion enough to make a vote. Prediction questions about a future event often require a certain level of historical knowledge on the topic. Whereas opinion-based polls are typically crafted to inspire your affection for a particular side. Ideally any and all questions you play, whether predicting the outcome of the Super Bowl or deciding if it is better to shower in the morning or night, should appeal to your inner strategist and provide you 2 answer options that are balanced but one you have more confidence in to win.

As you should know, when you play games on Versus, we match you with someone who has an opposing viewpoint, and chose the other side as you. So, how likely are you to play a game that is clearly one-sided (meaning everyone is choosing one answer over the other) when there is a low probability of finding an opponent or receiving the reward for your correctness? We promise that you’ll have way more satisfaction when you win a game that challenged you and kept you on the edge of your seat, rather than getting an easy W.

Versus has your back and we want you to ask yourself these three questions as you play games:

  1. Is the question thought-provoking?

  2. Do I have a clear opinion/prediction on the topic?

  3. Am I confident that my answer will win?

All of these answers should be YES!

As humans, we naturally make predictions all day, every day, that we aren’t even aware of. With Versus your unwavering confidence in what may seem like mundane predictions can be played with Black Tickets and earn you meaningful rewards (if you win, of course). You can also receive gifts of daily White Tickets and play for free, so there are really no excuses not to test your knowledge and have fun on each and every topic that you enjoy.

While there may indeed be something to lose (if you lose...) do not let that stop you from trying again! You know people say “Don’t hate the player, hate the game” but we have a twist for you… “Don’t hate the game, just disagree with fate!” Here at Versus we don’t hate games or people! Just like how Tom Brady retired, then came back, and then, well, retired again (shh, besides the point)...even the best ultimately come back and play for the thrill of the GAME.

With that we’ll let you in on an inside joke (a true honor, don’t forget that!): Winners win and Losers lose but no one stands a chance if they don’t play!

See! Us Versus Gals writing this blog LOVE sports and can’t wait for Sunday...Go Cowboys! (wink wink)

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