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  • Elana Moline

We Made a Playlist for You

What makes the “perfect” playlist? You see them everywhere; Spotify’s “RapCaviar”, Apple’s “Top 25: New York City”, TikTok’s “For You”, YouTube’s “Explore”, and more. At VersusGame, we think the ultimate playlist is personalized, diversified, and curated to include any and all of your interests.

You’re driving up the California coast on a road trip with your best friend who is dominant over the Aux cord and owns a 5-hour playlist that includes Soft Jazz, Spoken Word Poetry and True Crime podcasts (Where are your favorites like Lady Gaga, Beyoncé or the Call Her Daddy podcast to keep you entertained on the road!?!)

While you may need to look into a new travel partner, what your best friend has designed is THEIR ideal playlist, curated with things they love and define the perfect entertainment for THEIR 5-hour road trip.

Now, if you had similar taste this wouldn’t be a problem… But in reality your “For You” page, Music Wrapped report, and recommended YouTube videos are likely different than your best friend’s, your significant other’s, or even your sibling’s.

You should know by now (if you’ve been following along and paying attention to our lovely blogs) that VersusGame finds you where you are already spending your time, our brand and partner sites.

But, what if you want more? Company sites typically exist to support a community around a particular niche, maybe News, Shopping or even Sports. What if you have all of those interests and want to have the ultimate Versus player experience in a space hosted by your favorite creators and celebrities with your exact passions rolled up into one!

Introducing Custom URLs! Your favorite Creators have designed websites with playlists of games just for you (their loyal fans and awesome communities). These include prediction questions and opinion-based polls around their niche interests and hobbies. By visiting, you can play games asked by your most-watched Youtuber, most-listened-to Podcaster, or a new viral creator that you just found on TikTok. It’s a space for Hosts to expand their reach, service their community in a meaningful way and have FUN!

Our Verified Game Hosts have the critical job to serve topical, entertaining, and discussion-worthy games that captivate their audience (that means you!) and encourage thought-provoking discussions. We have exclusively selected Hosts with varying opinions, charisma, and expertise but if you don’t see your fav person make sure to send them a DM telling them you would like to see them on VersusGame!

If you’ve binge-watched Too Hot To Handle on Netflix (we definitely did!), then you probably know Reality TV personality Carly Lawrence. So, if you’d call yourself a TV enthusiast, fashion trendsetter and larger than life personality you may find your favorite game experience on Check in on your favorite talents’ sites to play all of the latest and greatest games in their playlist and see if you’re really the Know-It-All you think you are.

Now let us leave you with one more example…With the Grammys happening this Sunday, February 5th, VersusGame knows our die hard music fans need more than just one 3.5 hour show. You all want to gamify the amazing nominations, award statuses and celebrate your favorite artists and records beyond the show itself. Not only can you PREDICT the Award Winners, but you can see if your OPINION of the most anticipated performances, on-stage host remarks, and best-dressed celebrities, align with the “majority”, by playing carefully curated games on

We have perfected the formula (they say in a confident yet humble tone); serving you the coolest gamified content experience that meets you in the environments you already love and frequent through Partner Sites, while also providing you new communities to explore with Custom URLs. Don’t (hypothetically) sit in the car with your best friend and absorb their playlist, speak up for what you love and while you’re at it come discover more of the content and topics that excite you with Versus!

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