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  • Elana Moline

Where We Thrive

It’s feeeestival season! Us Versus Gals hit the desert for Coachella and have both nightmares of dirt storms and daydreams of epic performances.

If you happened to be on the internet, or maybe on festival grounds, you know there was quite a lot to take in. There were iconic performances, fabulous trends, must-have eats & drinks, and well, a ton to discuss. With slots to absorb, there was also an opportunity to predict and form an opinion on SO MUCH.

  • Will Metro Boomin bring out 7 guests during his performance on Weekend 2? Yes or No?

  • Which festival snack is superior? Tater Tots or French Fries?

  • Who put on a better performance on Weekend 2? Calvin Harris or Skrillex/Fred Again/Four Tet?

  • Which festival trend is more stylish? Tube Tops or Low-Rise Denim?

Coachella, one of the biggest parties of the year, is also a hub for all things predictions and opinions, which naturally have a home here through Versus Games. We KNOW you have some particular thoughts about Justin Bieber not joining Kid Laroi on stage for “Stay”, Frank Ocean’s lackluster appearance, all the new festival fashions, and maybe even the Lobster Roll and other snacks you grabbed in between sets haha.

As you’ve read in our blogs, our verified Hosts have Custom URLs and our Brand Partners have MiniGames on their websites that utilize Versus by displaying curated gamified content to reach their audience aka YOU. This gamified content lives everywhere, but especially thrives with the cultural phenomenon that is Coachella.

Whether you were there in person or not, you had expectations, predictions, and opinions on what the event would live up to. These are all ingredients of a community that is passionate and excited about the cultural phenomenon that is the iconic Coachella Festival. Being in the arts and music community is the best, right?!

Now, what better way to have some fun with your like-minded Coachella-loving besties than play games with those that have the exact same interests as you? You may find validation in your correct predictions and opinions and be rewarded (rather than a simple pat on the back to yourself, from yourself), or be challenged by what you thought would be true.

Sounds like too much work? Stop it right now, it’s not! It’s a simple This vs.That with a 15-second sign-up.

Have we now talked your ear off about Coachella and you are thinking, “Hey ladies some of us have other interests than a massive mainstream music festival!” Oh, we hear you… what’s your thing?! Harry Potter, New York Fashion Week, Major League Baseball, Comic books, Formula 1…every single topic you can think of has endless possibilities for prediction questions and opinion-based polls so make sure to keep your eye out on the world wide web for a Versus gameplay experience, you might just find one on your favorite site.

Drop a comment below about any topic you want to play games about and we will help point you in the right direction of the best location to play online! We want you all to be here for a good time AND a long time!

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