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  • Elana Moline

All About AI

While some might feel mixed emotions of fear and excitement toward AI’s future impact on society, we often forget that advanced technology is an idea we’re accustomed to. What I mean is, haven’t you been in your friend's self-driving Tesla or asked Alexa to play your favorite Taylor Swift song? As AI and programs like ChatGBT take the world by storm, individuals like you and I benefit from its support when needing inspiration for a new media project, ideas for what to do this weekend or even another round of review on a letter we are sending. We may be afraid to admit it, but we are already developing a dependency on advanced technology or at least beginning to rely on it and, of course, trusting those robots haha to make our lives a little easier.

We’ve discussed the “Perfect” game before, so if you haven’t caught up, simply remember that the “Perfect Game” requires a well-balanced and thought-provoking question surrounding a current and relevant topic.

While we at Versus don’t necessarily want robots taking over the world (or our jobs, haha) and see the importance of the old-fashioned use of our brain, we ALSO believe that AI can serve as an excellent, let’s say, “assistant” to your personal and professional career. How? Well, if you need a quick outline for your new talk show project..Ask ChatGPT.. can’t bother stopping to text.. Ask Siri… you want to add to your grocery list.. Ask Alexa.. You get where we’re going with this.

We understand that your time is valuable, and we recognize that one of the biggest worries when joining Versus or involving your company with us is the daunting task of crafting engaging and thought-provoking game questions and content. But fear not, because our dedicated team built the solution using AI, a powerful assistant with the sole purpose of creating “perfect” games with solid questions and relevant content.

Versus seamlessly integrated AI to assist you, our Hosts, in creating your “Perfect” games. Essentially it develops game questions while providing helpful context coupled with intriguing visualsin support of the topic discussed.

Here’s how it works!

Find an Article: Start by selecting an article/webpage on a topic that aligns with what you want your game to be about. This article will serve as the foundation for your questions and content.

AI Suggests Questions: Your AI assistant will quickly analyze the article and generate a handful of suggested questions for your review and edit if you choose.

AI Provides Context: Your AI assistant builds context (a bit of background if you will) to these questions to ensure the audience is appropriately informed on the question they will be answering.

Edit Imagery: Take advantage of the provided library of imagery to personalize your video compilation. You can swap out images and make other adjustments to ensure the visuals align with your exact vision.

AI-Composes Video Compilation: Your AI assistant generates a library of imagery and a narrated video that perfectly presents your game.

Save Time: In a matter of seconds, this streamlined process will enable you to complete what was once the most time-consuming aspect of the Versus ecosystem.

We know you might be thinking, "My company isn't a traditional publisher, so how do we utilize this for posting?" This is a common question, and the answer is simple: versatility. The beauty of Versus and our AI is that it's not limited to any particular niche. Whether you're in the business of movie reviews, restaurant critiques, blog posts, or music releases, the possibilities are limitless. With this innovative solution, you can effortlessly turn written content into engaging, gamified experiences in a matter of seconds. In other words, any online literature can be turned into engaging and revenue driving gamified content within seconds.

BUT, keep in mind that we can’t let your AI assistant post for you... That’s for you to do ;)

You can thank us Versus Gals for spreading the word, but our innovative team truly deserves a pat on the back for working hard to make our tech as positively impactful as possible. Okay, okay, we’re done now. We know you’re impatiently waiting to get started and just CAN’T WAIT for us to show you how this can help you or your company have limitless success on Versus!

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