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  • Elana Moline

Power of Podcasts

Wake up! It’s time to get ready for work, school, errands, and LIFE. What motivates you in the morning? Maybe you don’t need motivation and clicking snooze a few times will do the trick but.. how about a morning podcast while starting your day?

Okay, fast forward... you’re ready. (Phew, if only it was that easy, right?) What keeps you entertained while you’re on the go? Music, phone calls, maybe another podcast episode?

Last one, we’s time to go to sleep. You want to wind down and would prefer the TV didn’t glare with light throughout the night. So, how about a (say it with us) podcast to listen to as you wind down for the night?

Podcasts have become part of our daily routines. While YouTube and TikTok are incredibly fun to consume rapid content, they require more attention at the moment of consumption. Podcasts, instead, give you options: listen from anywhere OR watch from the comfort of your couch. The flexibility makes them available during walks, drives, workouts, cooking, and showering... Anything you do alone, really.

They keep you company and entertain, giving you pieces of life to interpret and learn from throughout your day. Episodes are often filled with thought-starters, offering listeners a new way of looking at the world and giving them an opportunity to have discourse with a community of like-minded individuals.

While Podcast Hosts can engage with members within their communities through platforms like Instagram, X, or TikTok, Versus offers something new: A way to streamline their listeners’ opinions and feedback, whether that be topics, guests, or predictions, essentially bridging the gap of engagement between Podcast Hosts and their audience. Through thought-provoking questions, hosts can gauge audience preferences, involve them in decisions, tease upcoming episodes, and build a stronger sense of community. 

This engagement could include any of the following:

-Do you think we should talk about Murder Mystery TV Shows or Reality TV next week?

-I’m asking our guest on the show what their favorite flavor of ice cream is this week... Do you think they will say Chocolate or Vanilla?

-Which Host’s advice on first dates did you think was most helpful?

-Do you think Beyoncé or Rihanna is a better performer?

-We are thinking of releasing merch, do you like blue sweatpants or pink hoodies?

Plus, of course, in addition to a fun environment, Hosts can earn revenue and Players can answer questions for free while earning points for prize opportunities (if of course they select the correct 1:1 answer). It’s a win-win-win for Hosts & Players. 

Niche interests within the Podcast community are what make Podcasts so special. It’s a place for the sports fan to listen in on game stats and insights on the go, or a girly girl to stay up to date on all fashion trends and gossip. Versus invites these communities to thrive in a gamified environment by making their show interactive and giving listeners a new way to engage. Both Podcasts and Versus games can be about anything from Gaming, Formula 1, Skincare, Grammy Awards, NFL, Baking, Dogs, and so much more, providing endless opportunities for entertainment.

Off Her Chops, is hosted by two Australian wrestlers who talk all things life and wrestling! Their most recent Versus question asked who Players thought was the Greatest Wrestler of all time... The Rock or Eddie Guerrero? So, imagine listening to your fav podcast, hearing all of the tea on what the experts in the field think about certain topics then being able to weigh in for yourself! Now you can by listening to episodes, clicking their link, and playing their games! You can join the conversation now at

Baseball Together (a completely different genre of interest), has their games directly on their website, with new game posts weekly for their listeners to engage with that are all about baseball of course! Whether it be about team uniforms, the best players, or outcomes of professional games, now you can select what you think will happen or share your opinion on

While both podcast shows are considered long-form, Versus has enabled them to gamify their content, meaning short clips and excerpts from what was once a one hour episode is now an interactive game that benefits the Podcast Host and their audience. If Versus Players are interested in a show clip or Host they see on one of our many Partner websites or Host pages, they can simply click the Game Details and follow the link to learn more about them. Links often include episodes, social pages, or websites that give you the option to pursue more details and join their community!

Our innovative technology transforms a listening experience into an engaging journey. Podcasts have become an integral part of our day and fit into the cadence of our lives. So, the next time you begin your daily routine, consider listening to a podcast you know is on Versus. New habit unlocked: Playing games created just for you with the content you know and love!

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