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  • Elana Moline

Our Perfect Picks

Throughout our journey with Versus, we've encountered many questions – some thought-provoking, some forgettable, and others that genuinely stood out. You may wonder, "Who is the best judge of a "perfect" game question on Versus?" Well, the team, of course! As we reflect on previous game questions, we thought you might benefit from seeing the team's favorites that have left a lasting impact within the Versus archives.

Let us introduce Kayla's all-time favorite question from GG's podcast: "Should Harry Styles be this year's halftime performer at the Super Bowl?"

After Rihanna's electric 2023 performance, our first thought was, "How can this performance be matched?". After the conclusion of the 2023 Super Bowl, we wait in anticipation and wonder who will have the honor of performing next year. Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus are amongst the few rumored to perform next year, leading to chatter and speculation about who will take the spot of the official halftime performer. With a R&B sensation like Rihanna, would they look to Taylor Swift for her diverse music catalog or potentially look to Miley Cyrus for her popular edge?

With the Super Bowl catering to sports fanatics, the halftime show may consider targeting a specific demographic, like younger, older, male, or female, attracting more viewers and ratings. Could they bring in Bob Dylan, one of the greatest songwriters of his time, who has only sung in Super Bowl commercials? Or, maybe, Harry Styles whose most recent tour made him one of the most discussed pop stars this year.

Choosing an answer to what seems like a simple question is far more complex than it seems. Our opinions, combined with historical context that supports or denies what we initially believe to be accurate, leads us to our best predictions.

We now present one of THE most DEBATED opinions of all time on Versus (well, arguably in the world) and Warren's all-time favorite question, "Do you prefer waffles with small or large squares?”. While we can delve into the details of a specific event, some of the best Versus questions are simply fun and lean into the most basic of This vs. That questions amongst friends. When you go out to breakfast at a cute diner, what is your waffle loving friend ordering? What do different brand sales for frozen waffles and waffle makers tell you about what the majority may think?

Foodgod, the game question Host, posts all things food on his social media platforms (He actually changed his legal name to Foodgod, talk about commitment wow!), and what better way to engage his followers than to ask them a question about what he knows they are interested in? Plus, targeting the intended audience is easy because most people have tried waffles, right? P.S. Warren's favorite is large squares on waffles, but us Versus gals disagree. Did we not grow up on Eggo waffles?

JB, a fan of music and awards shows, watches the Grammys each year and loves reading news articles predicting the winners. Now, on VersusGame, the questions don't always have to be opinion-based but instead can lean into predicting the outcome of an event. With the Grammys, we can make generic predictions about which artist will win Album of the Year, OR we can get into the details and predict exactly how many wins vs. nominations a specific artist will have. This brings us to JB's favorite Versus game question, "How many Grammys will Beyoncé take home this year?” 3 or more, or 2 or less?

With Beyoncé having the opportunity to surpass George Sulti at this year’s 65th Grammy Awards Show for the most awards (at 31 Grammys), viewers (and arguably her and her team), were at the edge of their seats waiting to find out if she could achieve it. With 9 nominations, it was possible, but it truly felt like the outcome was up in the air. She may have had favor due to her high popularity but was up against artists with impressive records like Lizzo and Harry Styles, making it more difficult to sweep.

A well-balanced game allows for more matches so it’s not one-sided or unfair. With all of the knowledge we can have about Beyonce’s likelihood for earning the most Grammys of any artist of all time, the excitement never dissipates until the live event where the truth comes out! To not leave you on a cliffhanger here, Queen B did it, she is the most decorated Grammy Award winner in history!

Now, we have Jason, our in-house Bachelor franchise expert, with his favorite question from The Bachelorette: "Will there be a previous Bachelorette appearance this season?". Fans have seen veterans visit the current Bachelorette before, offering their thoughts and advice for their upcoming journey.

However, we know the Bachelor franchise evolves and boasts that each season is “the most dramatic season so far”. We can’t put it past them to switch things up and not offer advice to the Bachelorette from previous contestants. The uncertainty creates balance, ensuring you the game is fair. With a new weekly episode, the suspense of waiting for the answer to expose itself gamifies television and enhances the viewing experience. Creating questions surrounding niche interests with a fanbase is FUN and INTERACTIVE.

So, let's move on to Elana's favorite question: "If Raquel Leviss doesn't join on for the newest season of Vanderpump Rules, will you still watch?" from TMZ. Fans like Elana, long-time viewers of "Vanderpump Rules," delved into the drama, participated in heated conversations, took sides, and wondered what the next season would bring.

Should the show fire her due to her unpopularity and the havoc she and Sandoval caused? With leaked footage showing Sandoval but not Raquel filming, rumors and speculations flew. Viewers expressed their disappointment in those involved in the affair, disgusted at the thought of the two star villains profiting off an atrocious act, while others, with an astounding curiosity, felt they deserved to see the details of the scandal unfold.

Cast members like Lala vocalized their sympathy for Raquel’s isolation and backlash, inferring there could be a soft spot and an opportunity for redemption. Plus, Raquel was spotted outside her mental health facility, making her seemingly available, so why not?

Public humiliation and emotional trauma for all parties involved, like Ariana, Sandoval, and Raquel, may be the answer, but without Raquel’s presence, some wonder if the show can produce more drama with the equivalent shock value. So, if Raquel doesn't return, would you stop watching, or has it earned your loyal viewership as a fan, regardless? See why this question was a good one?!

Our shortlist here encapsulates some of the most memorable pieces of gamified content told through the eyes of our team. These questions share core ingredients for a top-performing game: balanced, topical, and appealing to passionate opinions for each side. The most well-thought-out questions are also insightful and entertaining, bringing an interactive experience to widely debated topics. We are always on the hunt for the shining examples of perfect games questions on Versus, we wonder what topics will prevail in our next “Best of” roundup!

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