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  • Elana Moline

The Secret is Out

Psst… we have something to tell you. Versus is leveling up and we want you to be among the first to learn all about it! 

We don’t mean to brag… but you can now consider us your online, virtual playground with uninterrupted gameplay at your fingertips; we call this format “Arcade”!

No, we will not be available at your local Dave & Buster’s or bowling alley and there is no need to search for us in a crowded game room, we will continue to meet you on websites that you love the most. Music Lover? Sports Fanatic? Gossip Queen? Play our endless stream of games about YOUR favorite hobbies and THE hottest news!

Here’s how Arcade works:

  1. You get to play for free!

  2. Watch a 20-second game video.

  3. Select your answer while a relevant ad runs.

  4. Keep playing as long as you want!

  5. Earn points if you select the correct answer.

  6. Qualify to win amazing prizes!

We understand that ads aren’t necessarily a favorite word in the world of content consumption, but you read the Arcade instructions right; ads will run as you are debating your answer, giving you uninterrupted gameplay and quickly sending you to the next game! Plus, don’t expect an ad that is B-O-R-I-N-G, instead consume contextually relevant ads based on the website you’re on and the games you’re playing!

As you watch, play, and scroll, you’ll not only experience the satisfaction of being right with each correct answer, but you will also increase your opportunity to win prizes by earning points that could qualify you for a prize drawing! A player from the Top 20% of players wins big on a regular basis and this could be you!

Qualified for our Xbox giveaway but weren’t selected for the prize, or have a late start and didn’t qualify for the 1-Year Netflix Subscription drawing this month? Rest assured, points will reset each time a winner receives their prize, giving you endless opportunities to be the winner of another exceptional prize per drawing.

Secret Tip: Play as many games as possible for more chances to win (wink wink!)

Our Team created this brand-new model with your enjoyment in mind. Free Gameplay (check!), Relevant Ads (check!), AND Iconic Prizes…we’ve got you covered. Now that our secret is out and you’ve learned about Arcade, you can say goodbye to annoying interruptions during games you used to play and instead experience nonstop endless fun with Versus! We are so relieved to get this off our chest…how does it feel to be an insider?

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