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  • Elana Moline

FIBA x Versus | World Cup '23

How much do you love basketball? How about getting rewarded for all of your knowledge on events like the FIBA World Cup!

Versus has partnered with FIBA to present an entire ecosystem of interactive gamified content using the “this vs that” format for the 2023 FIBA World Cup. There will be exclusive clips and new game questions daily to fuel fans' excitement and test their knowledge throughout the exciting World Cup event and future FIBA tournaments.

“We are providing fans of the world’s most entertaining sport the opportunity to lean more into their fandom through our original content and programming.” says Nicolas Chapart, FIBA’s Chief Digital Officer. “FIBA’s official website has a wealth of information about teams and players and places to watch the latest games as well as classics from prior tournaments. Part of the fun of our sport is how fans express their fandom and that’s why we partnered with Versus. If you don’t know enough to answer each question we’re sure you can find out more on

“FIBA knows that basketball has a young audience that cuts across national borders” says JB John-Baptiste, President of Business Development, VersusGame. “The World Cup is a perfect opportunity to integrate technologies like VersusGame that increase fan engagement and loyalty. Most importantly our product showcases investments FIBA has been making for years in producing high quality video and editorial that remind fans of all ages about what makes basketball such an all inclusive cultural experience. We proudly support FIBA with our digital product MiniGames that fans can discover through FIBA’s official World Cup website, social media and the broader VersusGame distribution network (ICE).”

Whether you want to just play alone or share game questions with your friends, FIBA has you covered! Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Tap the Account icon to Sign Up or Sign in to watch dozens of videos and game questions

  2. Find a question you think you know the answer to and click on it to vote. Play as many as you like.

  3. There are two styles of games: Prediction questions & Opinion-Based polls. Prediction questions are formatted about events that take place in the future. Opinion-Based polls are formatted in a “Most votes wins” style, so the goal is to pick the answer you think the majority will select.

  4. Create an account to play, track your results and earn rewards.

  5. No purchase necessary. You do not need to pay to play games.

  6. There are Black and White Tickets. Versus will gift you free White Tickets. Play games with White Tickets to earn Black Tickets. Play games with Black Tickets to earn Coins.

  7. Convert Black Tickets you earn to digital coins which can then be redeemed for rewards.

  8. Share with friends for bigger and better prizes!Tap the Account icon to Sign Up or Sign in to watch dozens of videos and game questions

More details on the official game page here -

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