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  • Elana Moline

Is "Threads" Here to Stay?

We (should) all know the word “threads”. No, we are not referring to threads like "a needle pulling thread"; instead, we're discussing a sequence of messages that revolve around an original idea posted by a user on a social media platform. While we don't possess concrete data, we firmly believe that an overwhelming majority of you have experienced threads in one form or another - perhaps using Twitter for social interactions, Slack for professional communication, and even Discord for entertainment purposes. Meta's innovative platform, "Threads," capitalizes on the familiarity of the term and concept, while introducing a simplified interface. We downloaded “Threads” for the first time (to be specific, #56821) and knew EXACTLY what to do once we logged in...didn’t you? The user experience felt new, yet familiar. Thread’s seamless sign-up process requires an Instagram account, automatically connecting you with your existing network as new users join (if you allow it to). It is considerably easier than being brand-new to a platform and having to add your network manually. The strategic collaboration with Instagram and its user base of 2.35 billion (along with a seamless sign-in process) significantly amplified Thread's visibility and welcomed 30 million users within just 24 hours. However, there is a noteworthy caveat that some users may consider crucial to their decision in joining the platform: Threads users cannot delete their accounts without deleting their Instagram. It’s brilliant really, we’re all stuck in Zuckerberg’s social networking bubble! Keep in mind that today, Threads has 118 million users, and it’s competitor, Twitter boasts 352.9 million users; igniting so friction between Meta and Twitter, and the race to be the #1 social media platform of it’s kind. Elon Musk has publicly insinuated that Zuckerberg’s “Threads” is a clone of Twitter and infringes on Twitter’s core utility. Who will prevail? Time will tell. Meanwhile, us Versus girls succumbed to the chatter, the attraction, the intrigue, and joined the exclusive community that is “Threads”. We figured while we’re here in Zuckerberg’s trap (we’re kidding, truly, but are we? haha jk), why don’t we give the Versus community what they want? We try to bring you curated and topical content to each social media platform so Threads is no exception, we truly love a challenge. What can you expect from our Threads account?! This vs That and our predictions on all things Pop Culture, Entertainment, Current Events, Sports and so much more! We have created a best in class game experience that you see all around, for example, The Bachelorette (link here), JoyRide Movie (link here), Carly Lawrence’s site (link here), etc. But on Threads we want to know your thoughts and commentary on the topics of Versus games you play daily! On our Threads account specifically, you can count on an array of featured games that you can play, share, or discuss with your friends, testing your knowledge and creating an interactive experience beyond basic gameplay. Which concert has better production value? (Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour” vs Beyonce’s “Renaissance”). We encourage you to play the game but we also want all of your replies on Threads telling us all why you think one show has better graphics or stage design or costumes (We think Taylor’s got that one sorry!). Versus believes that your knowledge should be rewarded so we want you to showcase all of your thoughts, facts, and opinions. We think you’ll find that Threads enriches communities much like Versus, allowing us to interact in a fresh, yet familiar way. So join us in Zuckerberg’s trap, haha we are kidding, let’s have some fun and embrace the importance of the written word!

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